Woman Goes To Desert Every Day To Try To Rescue A German Shepherd | The Dodo Faith = Restored

German shepherd was living in the desert and didn't want to be rescued - watch the moment she finally rolls over for belly rubs!

Special thanks to Rika and Lindsey. Keep up with Lindsey and more of her rescues on TikTok: thedo.do/sugarskullpitbullmom .

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

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  • Beautiful people, thank you for your awesomeness

    penny bordeauxpenny bordeauxDag sedan
  • She probably just stole somebody’s dog on since the dog seems well fed and a house is right next to it

    The Thinking SlothThe Thinking Sloth2 dagar sedan
  • I left a comment somewhere in here I can't find, but the other thing I was thinking of... When one is "rescuing" a female animal, the person trying to rescue should make sure they're not leaving any babies behind. I was thinking at one point, after hoping that these folks checked to make sure the dog didn't belong to someone around there, that it mightve been possible that it's anxiety was due to leaving its pups. While later, it doesn't look like her teets were full of milk or anything, still... something I hope pple are concerning themselves with when trying to rescue without involving an actual company who does that for a living. Just my opinion and you know what those are like... 😉

    Melanie S BuchananMelanie S Buchanan3 dagar sedan
  • There's a house right there, though? And this dog looks well-fed and cared for. Are we sure she didn't just take someone's dog?

    Aimée SchnipkeAimée Schnipke4 dagar sedan
  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣🤣😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🌺🌺🌸🌸🌻🌻

    Kathy BellKathy Bell4 dagar sedan
  • Yas

    woodyjonzwoodyjonz5 dagar sedan
  • that dog looks perfectly fed and if it was a stray you would be able to see is bones and rib cage through is skin because he would be super skinny and probably dead if someone wasnt feeding him and there was a house in the backround and in the video you didn't go to the vet to check if it even was a stray so she basically stole some ones dog

    Marvin GomezMarvin Gomez5 dagar sedan
  • Every pet deserves a loving home. Well done to the wonderful people who rescued this beautiful dog.

    Rob GaloRob Galo6 dagar sedan
  • what if she had puppies in the desert?

    marino4691marino46916 dagar sedan
  • Is it possible she had another home..

  • It kinda looked like she was crying..

  • I had a German shepherd and she died :(

    ItsjoyfullceItsjoyfullce7 dagar sedan
  • home girl stole some1's healthy well cared for dog lol 0:14 , see her house? .. i mean they should of NEVER left her unattended - and of course i don't know for sure - but very sus lol

    Chelle NalehpChelle Nalehp8 dagar sedan
  • i wish my GSD was friendly like this =( ... she liked all neighborhood kids then one day she smashed a window to try and attack her favorite one .. she bit a few times.. THOUSANDS of dollars spent on trainers and nothing helped (my father passed away and left me some money, almost all went to trying to help her) =( they thought she had dementia ..she died at only 3 .. loved her so much but she was dangerous .. idk why i got one ..when i was 9 i got attacked by GSD and then my husband did also as a kid ..for some reason we were still drawn to them and met plenty of friendly ones ... idk it was rough! but i tried everything , i honestly, sincerly & truly did .

    Chelle NalehpChelle Nalehp8 dagar sedan
  • I just got a stray German Shepard, trying to train him, your giving me hope!

    Mr. CheesecakeMr. Cheesecake8 dagar sedan
  • Seventy SixerSeventy Sixer9 dagar sedan
  • I'm ppl r saying she lolow well fed bug others could have been trying to rescue her, she also coulD have been very recently abondond so she still looked pretty hsalthy .

    Livia QueirogaLivia Queiroga10 dagar sedan
  • Ahhh, it warms my heart to know that there are people like you. Thank you and God bless you🙏🏽❤️

    Mojave KayeMojave Kaye10 dagar sedan
  • This dog was doing a Disney documentary trying to find her way home to her family that lost her in a park…. Now we will never see that 🍿 movie.😳

    Clint C.Clint C.10 dagar sedan
  • you ever think the dog was not running away but trying to lead you back to something like its stranded or injured owner? you might have left someone for dead by not reporting it or following the dog when it would come to you then go away.

    R BR B10 dagar sedan
  • nice

    Son Of ManSon Of Man10 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: that dog belongs to the people in that home and has been stolen from her family

    Sum GuySum Guy10 dagar sedan
  • Kindness just plain kindness ❌⭕️👏👏👏

    Becky CottrellBecky Cottrell10 dagar sedan
  • SHE IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Time & time again, we see animals who are failed by humans but it’s you & people like you that restore my faith in humanity. ❤️💜💚

    Allyson SixxAllyson Sixx10 dagar sedan
  • the tiktok link is broken. Despite the upload dat being very recent, it must be an old video.

    MadronaxyzMadronaxyz10 dagar sedan
  • She stole a dog

    B SECTION The tech MASTERSB SECTION The tech MASTERS11 dagar sedan
  • Didn't this dog belong to that house in the background, seen in the beginning of the video? 🤔

    SN989SN98911 dagar sedan
  • So apparently she got charged for stealing the dog and she gave it back

    very Frozenvery Frozen12 dagar sedan
  • 💖🙏🏽💙

    Addie-Marie ThompsonAddie-Marie Thompson13 dagar sedan
  • Sit down on the ground crosslegged, be patient, and they will come to you every time.

    City TreesCity Trees14 dagar sedan
  • What a beautiful sweetheart

    wendywendy14 dagar sedan
  • Just a beautiful dog with wonderful people

    Marsha RodriguezMarsha Rodriguez14 dagar sedan
  • She is so beautiful... I want her

    Edward HarleyEdward Harley14 dagar sedan
  • Thank you! You are a hero!

    Robin 123Robin 12315 dagar sedan
  • Did she check the house owners behind the dog? The dog wasnt emaciated. Did she check to see if it were chipped?

    wynnita1wynnita115 dagar sedan
  • Dog looks well fed for being in the middle of a desert. You sure you didnt steal a dog who's owners believe a dog should be free to roam? Fking city people think any dog off a leash or out of a cage must be abandoned. If that dog survived that fat and not dehydrated in the desert for the 5 days it took to catch her, she almost certainly has an owner you stupid karen.

    JCElzingaJCElzinga15 dagar sedan
    • Lol wonder why their rescue tiktok is not available anymore. Dodo title should be: lady steals perfectly healthy and happy dog for social media points, well intentioned morons applaud.

      JCElzingaJCElzinga15 dagar sedan
  • You are an amazing person, made me cry watching this

    Sam EtheridgeSam Etheridge15 dagar sedan
  • ❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍

  • 0:14 their's a house and a car and that dog looks well fed..umm did you just steal someone else's dog?

    coz mahnutcoz mahnut16 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful dog! That's why they're our big sweeties!

    Shiloh PuppyShiloh Puppy16 dagar sedan
  • Than you

    Lazzy LazzyLazzy Lazzy16 dagar sedan
  • A Sherman ghepherd 🐑

    David DownsDavid Downs16 dagar sedan
  • You are a sweet person.

    Shawn EmrickShawn Emrick16 dagar sedan
  • someone put her there and she was waiting every day for the person to come back .... boken hearth......yeah or she belongs to that house you see at 14 seconds.... maybe someone missing her

    SaliddrySaliddry17 dagar sedan
  • I'm sure the dog wasn't stolen, but it never hurts to check that house right where everyone can see and is basically behind the dog.

    Malakai HernandezMalakai Hernandez17 dagar sedan
  • And also if she is such a good person. Why was the video taken down? Why did the dog look so happy in the place but sad when she took him to shelter? Why did the dog looked so healthy if he was not given food in so many days? How does this lady know that the dog was abandoned for 6-7 days because the dog could have lived there for a much longer time? Why would the owners dump a healthy, well groomed, friendly GSD dog instead of selling it? Why was the dog taken in a cage instead of a crate if the dog trusted them so much?

    Shradha ThakurShradha Thakur17 dagar sedan
  • How to steal a dog...

    Erich SchinzelErich Schinzel17 dagar sedan
  • Looked very well fed..you most likely stole someone elses dog. Did you ever asked at the house in the background?

    Erich SchinzelErich Schinzel17 dagar sedan
  • The mere science steadily remember because example summatively repair plus a mean surgeon. symptomatic, noxious disease

    이혜주이혜주17 dagar sedan
  • 💖

    Adriana ZapataAdriana Zapata17 dagar sedan
  • My baby girl just passed a few days ago I'm devastated totally heart broken I'm sorry I have no trust in god no more

    John MessersmithJohn Messersmith17 dagar sedan
  • Great job!!! You are terrific people!!

    Greg AgugliaGreg Aguglia17 dagar sedan
  • grazie dall'Italia.

    l'Attrezzistal'Attrezzista18 dagar sedan
  • 0:14 there is a house right there. The dog is stolen. What if the people in the house own the dog and let the dog wander around because he is a big and energetic dog. Did they make sure it belonged to anyone? It looks like a German Shepherd which people often buy and use them as guard dogs. The dog is in good condition and the dog looks good taken care of. This dog literally seems stolen.!!!! 🤨🤨🤨😔😔😔

    Shradha ThakurShradha Thakur18 dagar sedan
  • Incredible. God bless the owner and dog.

    G LG L18 dagar sedan
  • Anyone seen my GSD?

    D ND N18 dagar sedan
  • So disconcerting. Someone needs to verify if this dog indeed belonged to the locals there and was kidnapped accidentally.

    Jashvina GandhiJashvina Gandhi18 dagar sedan
    • Hello jash,how are you feeling

      Hilfiger TomHilfiger Tom17 dagar sedan
  • I'm not so sure you didn't take a families well fed and loved pet that has a tendency to wander. Might have knocked on some doors in the area during all those days your building confidence in a animal that's food driven.

    D HD H18 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully she wasn't stressed over leaving behind a litter of pups.

    Ron GRon G18 dagar sedan
  • Um.......they looked pretty healthy......and....I think I saw houses.......please tell me you ASKED the people around about them... I’m not kidding!!! NO WONDER THE DOG SEEMED STRESSED! What if you actually unintentionally STOLE the dog away from its TRUE owners???? This brings me more fear than comfort-

    Local Bread goblinLocal Bread goblin18 dagar sedan
  • 🙏😘

    brian scharschbrian scharsch18 dagar sedan
  • This dog is healthy. She belongs to someone.

    Monika HMonika H18 dagar sedan
    • @Monika H One of the comments claimed the dog was reunited with the Cortez family from which it was taken and was on the local news. Now that may be B.S. I suspect some of the videos are staged to get a reaction and sell a video. Whole thing stinks. People will go to extreme lengths to retrieve lost pets or prosecute those who harm them.

      D HD H18 dagar sedan
    • @D H So we should do something ... but what? I'm in CH

      Monika HMonika H18 dagar sedan
    • yeah almost looks like we watched an abduction of a dog that roams. Maybe the owners hearts broken their dog is missing. Story seems off.

      D HD H18 dagar sedan
  • How to steal a dog 101 lmfao

    SKidSKid18 dagar sedan
  • I'm going to rescue you, you just have to let me...maybe she doesn't want to be rescued ?

    Deadshot85Deadshot8518 dagar sedan
  • I don't care is she was owned or not. The poor dog was out in the terrible heat every day without any body there??? It's obvious she wasn't properly cared for.

    Robert TischRobert Tisch18 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the tear jerker 👍 dogs are loyal and love their Family AKA pack . Thank you

    White DemonWhite Demon18 dagar sedan
  • fun fact: The dog belonged to the Cordez family that lives in the house that can be seen at 0:14 The woman in the vid was charged with theft but charges were dropped after returning the dog. The whole story was on local news.

    DJC from NCDJC from NC18 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Reger I feel so pity for you. There is a reason why people are calling you out everywhere.

      Shradha ThakurShradha Thakur17 dagar sedan
    • @Shradha Thakur Well, that is a question I dont know the answer to. And you dont either. But once again, you jump to conclusions. "The video is down, SHE MUST BE GUILTY". Haha, you probably would have burned witches in medieval times, too. Disgusting.

      Michael RegerMichael Reger17 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Reger I know it was not right . Sure I made a mistake by writing ' the dog is stolen' but what you did not see is that I have corrected all those comments. But of course seeing negative in others is also a good quality but when you see anything negative in others you need to tell them to correct it and not attack them.

      Shradha ThakurShradha Thakur17 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Reger But for that she needs to be innocent. If she is innocent why was her video taken down?

      Shradha ThakurShradha Thakur17 dagar sedan
    • @Shradha Thakur "That dog is stolen" is a statement. Not a doubt. If you wouldve said "I think it might be stolen", everything wouldve been fine. Like I said, in my country, the woman could sue you for that if she was found innocent.

      Michael RegerMichael Reger17 dagar sedan

    Nick VNick V19 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much for your dedication and love, she must have been treated so badly that she retreated into the desert of all places!

    Gail HowesGail Howes19 dagar sedan
    • Hello Gail,how are you

      Hilfiger TomHilfiger Tom17 dagar sedan
  • German Shepherds are great and loyal dogs!!!! ❤ Thank you for rescuing her!

    08 202008 202019 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like she’s a dog knapper.

    Ava DuVallAva DuVall19 dagar sedan
  • Thank you!

    Nancy Lyon-GrayNancy Lyon-Gray19 dagar sedan
  • Thank you 💘💕

    Deborah MayeurDeborah Mayeur19 dagar sedan
  • She is outstandingly charming. Good job!

    Tilmana BoeckTilmana Boeck19 dagar sedan
  • I’m so happy when I see animals of all kinds get rescue and loved what a great job ......

    Meliton RodriguezMeliton Rodriguez19 dagar sedan
  • Lucky...... all of you....

    victor hardenvictor harden19 dagar sedan
  • Jesus bless you abundantly dear

    mope ayenimope ayeni19 dagar sedan
  • This sounds like a Karen that stole a dog 100ft from someone’s house

    T1T119 dagar sedan
    • @Shradha Thakur exactly doubt they will update us on this anyway...

      T1T117 dagar sedan
    • @T1 I hope that too. Her video was taken down because maybe the owners of the dog took their dog back..... After all purebred , healthy, well groomed, friendly GSD's don't fall from sky with their house on background.

      Shradha ThakurShradha Thakur17 dagar sedan
    • @Shradha Thakur genuinely think that’s correct hope the dog gets returned..

      T1T117 dagar sedan
    • 0:14 there is a house right there. The dog seems stolen. What if the people in the house own the dog and let the dog wander around because he is a big and energetic dog. Did they make sure it belonged to anyone? It looks like a German Shepherd which people often buy and use them as guard dogs. The dog is in good condition and the dog looks good taken care of. This dog literally seems stolen.!!!! 🤨🤨🤨😔😔😔

      Shradha ThakurShradha Thakur18 dagar sedan
  • He tenido dos pastores alemanes, uno durante 11 años y otro 13 años y solo puedo decir que amo estos perros. Ahora tengo uno adoptado sin raza y lo único que puedo decir es que no los abandonen. Gracias a todas esas personas que se preocupan por estos ángeles abandonados ❤❤❤👍

    GuillerGuiller19 dagar sedan
  • The beginning be like me trying to catch a pokemon

    Allegra WongAllegra Wong19 dagar sedan
  • She looks pretty healthy for someone who was supposedly abandoned

    Billy BeanBilly Bean19 dagar sedan
  • Im Im tears!!! I miss my pancho 🥺🥺

    karen lizkaren liz19 dagar sedan
  • Bless you both! Many years ago, when I was living in an old farmhouse, someone dropped off a German Shepherd because he couldn't take care of him anymore. I was a little fearful of GS, so I took it slow. When I fed him, he would jump all over me, and was generally unruly. In time, I got him to sit patiently, even with his food bowl in front of him, and wouldn't move until I said "Ok". He was a great dog, and we were great friends! 🐕🙂

    MarkMark19 dagar sedan
  • God bless you folks for saving that beautiful Sheppard. ! She is in Great hands ! !

    John RocaJohn Roca19 dagar sedan
  • Interesting that you don't see the part where they get the dog into the cage.

    sophoclessophocles19 dagar sedan
  • ugh, 1 story comes out about fake animal rescues and suddenly every. single. animal rescue video. i click on. has nothing but disapproving comments on it. what do you idiots think you're accomplishing? if you think the dog is stolen, don't leave a rude comment and strut off having done nothing of use whatsoever, use social media to find the dog's real owners. and think before you speak! what if you're wrong and you spent your time judging and shaming good people? would you still be proud of yourself for leaving such nasty comments for them to find? no one cares that you're a clever boy/girl that keenly notices meaningless details; either do something useful or nothing at all.

    Touya TodorokiTouya Todoroki19 dagar sedan
    • @le gay shut up gay. am i doing this right?

      Touya TodorokiTouya Todoroki17 dagar sedan
    • shut up weeb

      le gayle gay18 dagar sedan
  • Thank You!

    drummeristdrummerist19 dagar sedan
  • I love you guys for doing what you did, THANK YOU XXX

    Tim SmithTim Smith19 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful animal!

    Where's WendyWhere's Wendy19 dagar sedan
  • I hope she checked with that house seen in the background. The was one healthy-looking shep.

    MegMeg19 dagar sedan
  • God bless this couple 🙏🏾

    Yasmine JonesYasmine Jones19 dagar sedan
  • This dog did not look lost or abandoned.

    Scott MichaelsScott Michaels19 dagar sedan
  • It's like in dances with wolves

    Donny NoorlunDonny Noorlun19 dagar sedan
  • I'm crying. Thanks for your help.

    IH LIH L19 dagar sedan
  • We have a German shepherd, he is the most loving dog in the world. Honestly he is a lap dog that is a bit too bit 😂 they are the greatest dogs in the world

    Bad OmenBad Omen19 dagar sedan
  • 👍🏽❤️

    Robert ValdezRobert Valdez20 dagar sedan
  • brilliant

    john johnjohn john20 dagar sedan
  • Wonder if she was protecting a litter? Reluctant to leave it? Couldn’t tell by looking at dog in video other than teats visible she rolled over. They aren’t visible on my 3 year old GSD. Read through a couple other posts. Similar questions. Sure hope they posted flyers and social media posts if it could have been someone’s dog.

    DMWIDMWI20 dagar sedan
  • What a great lady ! My Scottish uncle bred these dogs when he came back from battle in Europe in WW2. He said they were incredibly intelligent and loyal, always obeying what you needed them to do.

  • Gorgeous girl.

    M RM R20 dagar sedan