Pit Bull Rescued from Dogfighting Now Lives Like a King | The Dodo Pittie Nation

When Kent and Melanie Pafford of Streetdog Foundation in Memphis found Liam, he was so shy and covered in wounds. He had been used as a bait dog in the cruel sport of dogfighting. With plenty of love, Liam healed and eventually moved to a foster home. He was adopted by the perfect family. Now he lives better than most people!

To help save more dogs like Liam, you can support the Streetdog Foundation: thedo.do/streetdog . Keep up with Liam and his forever family on Instagram: thedo.do/liampittie .

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  • The look on his face at the beginning is heartbreaking. So glad he’s happy now and is with humans that love him.👍🏻

    Syd 41Syd 415 timmar sedan
  • Sub humans who abuse and exploit animals should be dropped into an active volcano. They have forfeited their spot in the human race.

    Frank SmithFrank Smith14 timmar sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Elizabeth PalaciosElizabeth Palacios18 timmar sedan
  • God bless you for caring!🥰🥰🥰

    Tammy PenningtonTammy PenningtonDag sedan
  • This is so sad 😭

    Pedro WillemsePedro WillemseDag sedan
  • Wow- people can be so cruel and others so kind (you!) He is such a sweet dog. One comment- I saw your DIY food. Kudos to you for making that effort. It looks good but IMO, it should definitely have more meat and much less rice/carbs. I did a ton of research before making my own and I have fined tuned it. Many well intending DIY recipes are actually unhealthy and borderline dangerous because they are not balanced and lack key nutrients. I mix things up (sometimes use chicken or wild Salmon.) In case you are interested, more often than not, I will make my dogs food with ~90% lean ground beef, olive oil, chicken stock (low sodium- I add a pinch of quality pink sea salt- never white table salt), just a few finely cut up carrots and/or broccoli, (important) 1 whole egg and (important) some very finely ground up egg shells for his calcium requirements (I bake them, then use a mortar and pestle

    D GD GDag sedan
  • Love that smile!

    Jennifer HartzogJennifer HartzogDag sedan
  • People are so rude and evil to be mean to this dog and others that get abused it makes me sick

    KaidenPlayzYTKaidenPlayzYTDag sedan
  • Wow i thank you so much for what u do... I just had to put my put pit down of 16.. Years due to cancer. And this video lifted my 💙... Makes me wont to adopt.

    Samantha ParisSamantha Paris2 dagar sedan
  • Gbu

    Imme SetiawatiImme Setiawati2 dagar sedan
  • Cute Dog - Legendary Humans!!!

    Jayson BlackJayson Black2 dagar sedan

    Lîeve PWLîeve PW3 dagar sedan
  • The people that did this harm to the dog should be bait in the lion enclosure.

    Action JacksonAction Jackson3 dagar sedan
  • I really really don’t understand how people could do this. They are sick. Glad he’s learned to trust people again. What a wonderful new home he has to spend the rest of his life being spoiled. They all deserve each other ❤️

    Shaun NewtonShaun Newton3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you foster parents! You’re doing a hard job that not al of us can do.

    Aimee BryantAimee Bryant3 dagar sedan
  • God Almighty, the great creator of all things will punish all evil .

    Jerry GibsonJerry Gibson3 dagar sedan
  • Love this soooo much.

    Michelle JMichelle J3 dagar sedan
  • 😭

    d2 hualiand2 hualian3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you, just thank you!

    Smooth NewsSmooth News3 dagar sedan
  • God bless everyone that showed kindness to this poor soul. I hope the ones responsible are jailed for this very soon. You have to be one sick individual to do this to such a sweet animal. There's a special place in hell for people that do this to an animal.

    Which One Is PinkWhich One Is Pink3 dagar sedan
  • It is extremely sick how people treat these precious animals..humans should be used as bait and see how it feels..warms my heart the happiness and love he's feeling..God bless🐶🐾💙

    abbie skuchesabbie skuches4 dagar sedan
  • You're an angel.

    Sherry TitusSherry Titus4 dagar sedan
  • Let’s chain his previous owner to a pole and he can be my “bait human.” I’ll use a pair of brass knuckles too. Seem fair?

    Stefan BechiraStefan Bechira4 dagar sedan
  • Owww he truly deserves it,only to see the smile on his face,soo precious.

    chitrawatie etwaroechitrawatie etwaroe4 dagar sedan
  • He looks just like my Petey. He was abandoned too and I'm pretty sure he was abused also because he has three big scars on his side. He is the sweetest boy though. Now he has 4 nice beds, including one for vacation and all kinds of squeaky toys. We love him so much!

    Jane Doe 1Jane Doe 14 dagar sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏

    Katia LamagnificaKatia Lamagnifica4 dagar sedan
  • Such a cute dog!

    Tee TaylorTee Taylor4 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for loving him 🙏

    Melissa G.Melissa G.4 dagar sedan
  • I would really hurt anyone involved in dog fights.

    Salta JadeSalta Jade4 dagar sedan
  • The married unshielded demographically work because teaching luckily lick near a poor duckling. puffy, general gentle play

    Mal JayMal Jay4 dagar sedan
  • Awwwwww!

    Binks MBinks M4 dagar sedan
  • These animals are beautiful and resilient. These people rescuers are such wonderful people. Mutts and street dogs are the most intelligent and interesting dogs. I am a proud half breed and survivor, myself. So I see my soul mates in these little beautiful creatures.

    Susan SowersSusan Sowers4 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful

    Nola BachiuNola Bachiu4 dagar sedan
  • So glad he found a good home. This is why I make it my business to report dog fighting !

    Spontaneous GirlSpontaneous Girl4 dagar sedan
  • I love the patch on his eye. They are both adorable. Now he’s learned how to be a spoiled dog.

    Space CatSpace Cat4 dagar sedan
  • Oh I started crying watching this , sorry it's just why would you mistreat a dog like that

    Mattia van KleunenMattia van Kleunen5 dagar sedan
  • I would love to have those human animals that tortured and abused that baby. Give them to me for 1 hour in the woods. I would show them abuse. You are beautiful and sweet people. I love you all.

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown5 dagar sedan
  • OMG…I am Crying that those Dog Fighting Rings are so frigging cruel. Poor baby was a Bait Dog!!! I am glad Buddy,now, knows what it means to be Happy!!!! 🐶🐾💖

    LotLot5 dagar sedan
  • I have no respect for people who abuse anumals. They are all POS cowards.

    Tinee Gonzales 🐶Tinee Gonzales 🐶5 dagar sedan
  • The sudden politician karunagappally soak because need physiologically cycle around a dashing moon. vague, amusing trouble

  • What a Beautiful Boy and he is so sweet, loving and affectionate. I do not understand how anyone could hurt these dogs or any creature whatever it may be.These people should be taught what it feels like to be unloved, torchered, malnourished and the crimes go on and on. I wish we could make the world a better place to be for these innocent little souls.

    Veronika JenningsVeronika Jennings5 dagar sedan
  • Why do people let their pitts fight? I can understand to protect a family, but for a sport? Trash!!!

    IdubL DairuIdubL Dairu5 dagar sedan
  • After all the cruelty and pain this little guys been through he's still a gentle loving dog . May the rest of l his ife be lived in peace .

    John RiderJohn Rider5 dagar sedan
  • It is so amazing to see that animals bounse back from a cruel life and still can love humans. It is amazing. In the meantime the people who did this to him are not worth living. And yes that includes the horror we do to the animals we eat. Think about them..... most people do not care about them either....

    Pina de VosPina de Vos5 dagar sedan
  • There is a special place in HELL for animal abusers....What a Handsom boy💜🐶🙌🏾🙏🏾

    Delovely DayDelovely Day5 dagar sedan
  • I cry a lot when i see him smiling

    Maria RodriguesMaria Rodrigues5 dagar sedan
  • Yes, he is spoiled rotting 🤗 He deserves it because he is the love of everyone including his sibling.

    Wawa WillegersWawa Willegers5 dagar sedan
  • I would love to find the person(s) that dod this to this dog. And just have a nice little chat! Yeah Right, it wouldn't be a nice little chat! 😡 Tie them under a dumpster, gag them so noooo one can hear them. And see how they like it? And then "POOF", they're gone!

    Bravo SixBravo Six5 dagar sedan
  • So do we slowly dismember the people that do this to animals or we burn them slowly ?

    Redux BGRedux BG5 dagar sedan
  • yay

    Camille GrattonCamille Gratton5 dagar sedan
  • aw, this made my day! :)

    anni3v _anni3v _5 dagar sedan
  • Stay at home dog mom Yea, I'm loving this woman 🤗 This is the love our planet longs for and it's just that simple ♥️

    Hecate LoveHecate Love5 dagar sedan
  • Made me cry what a wonderful dog

    Harry Walker1Harry Walker15 dagar sedan
  • What I would like to do to those people who used him to be a bait dog, I cannot put into words, because it would scare people. I truly hope they get their come uppens!!!!

  • The People who did this needs to be destroyed by the Lord. I’m so happy Dodo saves these animals from horrible people

    k. _nfk. _nf5 dagar sedan
  • I’m sure it was not on purpose, but “sport of dogfighting” ? Torturing animals it is not a sport. Dogfighting just like hunting can NEVER be called a sport! If possible, try and correct the caption.

    Leo GoddammitLeo Goddammit5 dagar sedan
  • Those dogs just melt your heart after what they have been through and they STILL are love bugs , great people who love and work too heal their scarred hearts THANK YOU!!

    Ron MatthewRon Matthew5 dagar sedan
  • 👃😍

    Faiza Ben salahFaiza Ben salah5 dagar sedan
  • Only 3rd world sub-human people would support animal fighting.

    ikungfuyou2ikungfuyou25 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much for caring enough. I despise dog fighting. What they do to dogs is beyond words. Please keep up the gruesome work. I will be praying....

    Cecile Hoffman CecileCecile Hoffman Cecile5 dagar sedan
  • I'd like to be locked in a cage with the person responsible.

    SNIPER BJJSNIPER BJJ6 dagar sedan
  • What a great story. Did he get adopted to a great family? I don't understand how people can be so cruel to animals. Thank you for rescuing him and all the love you give home and the others that you care for. Thank you for all you do.

    Brenda CoxBrenda Cox6 dagar sedan
  • Even though he has been through all of this he still trusts the rescue team, what lovely people and what a lovely dog. The people who do this should be put inside and the key thrown away.

    Jean MayesJean Mayes6 dagar sedan
  • And they’re meant to be the animals

    Russell SmithRussell Smith6 dagar sedan
  • Blessings!!!

    Laura LynneLaura Lynne6 dagar sedan
  • AWWW DAILA AND (I forgot he's name) is so cute!!!

    xKateylnxKateyln6 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for rescuing and loving him

    Debbie VarrettDebbie Varrett6 dagar sedan
  • would love to put this dog owners that let their dogs fight in the ring and fight till death.

    unitenotdivideunitenotdivide6 dagar sedan
  • Dog fighters are a disgrace to humanity...

    Steel FistSteel Fist6 dagar sedan
  • How the hell does this video have 180 thumbs down? How can anyone not love this video ❤️

    Stewart BowieStewart Bowie6 dagar sedan
  • May his abusers suffer what they inflicted on him but get abandoned in an unmarked grave.

    Ishtar MithrasIshtar Mithras6 dagar sedan
  • that smile 💜💜

    Unapologetic DidaUnapologetic Dida6 dagar sedan
  • Im glad he found his family. These people.who do cruel things to others - remember Karma keeps.tabs and strikes when you least expects it.

    Eugene AniarEugene Aniar6 dagar sedan
  • How can humans do this? I own a pitbull and used to be part of an fb pitbull group and all they talked about was that these breed were bred for fighting and it's their purpose. So I left the group cos I think they're all stupid like why would they encourage people to believe that these breeds were only meant and purposed for fighting alone? And why in hell would they keep that violent practice? It's a sick group of people and I hope they get caught by authorities soonest time possible.

    Louie ArgosLouie Argos6 dagar sedan
  • Look at those big eyes! Look at him! He's glorious!

    Xirn TerensworthXirn Terensworth6 dagar sedan
  • I am so glad this pit was saved and got a second chance at a happy healthy life. He has such kindness in his eyes and soul. God bless all who played a part in his recovery and care.

    PomSptzPomSptz6 dagar sedan
  • People who fight animals are the lowest forms of life.

    lemurian chicklemurian chick6 dagar sedan
  • He found the perfect mama!!! So happy for him.

    Skylar B.Skylar B.6 dagar sedan
  • 🥰🥰🥰

    Гульнара АисоваГульнара Аисова6 dagar sedan
  • Even after so much, he is still trusting humans. That says a lot about their innocence.

    Vedant BarhateVedant Barhate6 dagar sedan
  • That dog living better than me now lol

    james Gandjames Gand6 dagar sedan
  • Bonjour ce petit amour mérite pleins d'amour merci pour lui 🥰

    KilliamKilliam6 dagar sedan
  • Michael Vick.

    EggchinEggchin6 dagar sedan
  • Humans are horrible

    Grease MonkeyGrease Monkey6 dagar sedan
  • Thank you all for what you do for these poor soles.

    Mark WattersMark Watters6 dagar sedan
  • This type of abuse makes the hate flame grow hotter... Why isn't there a squad dedicated to taking out the trash who do this to animals?!

    J HJ H6 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely handsome boy 👍🏾 🖤

    nevamind68 Tnevamind68 T6 dagar sedan
  • Aww... Poor pup, breaks my heart 💔💔💔😭😭😭

    Neon BrasianNeon Brasian6 dagar sedan
  • 0:55 he should become villain voice actor. Badass voice

    vex 13vex 136 dagar sedan
  • That face on 0:36 was like: "I don't know what this is, but i like this"

    PhilleShyPhilleShy6 dagar sedan
  • I'd have anyone who'd do this to an animal hooked up by their Achilles Tendons and used as bait until death.

    TNG TNTTNG TNT6 dagar sedan
  • This is why my wife won’t let me have a gun. She knows me better, knowing what I might do to those that treat animals like this

    Doc ADoc A6 dagar sedan
  • I'm so happy he lives with another dog!

    A FA F6 dagar sedan
  • OMG.

    A FA F6 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful dogs! Thank you for giving them the love and happiness they both deserve!!

    Vivian FigueroaVivian Figueroa6 dagar sedan
  • Fucking assholes that did this! Sick in the head! Glad that he was rescued !

    Marcel CovaciMarcel Covaci6 dagar sedan
  • What king of evil spycho would enjoy to watch 2 angels fighting, those kinda people neen mental health ASAP

    yosselyn riquelmeyosselyn riquelme6 dagar sedan
  • Bless people like you, for giving that sweet dog a wonderful home. Brings tears to my eyes

    Janine SasserJanine Sasser6 dagar sedan
  • Just so beautiful!

    Connie WheelerConnie Wheeler6 dagar sedan
  • I pray that he can live with Dalia for the rest of his life. I love that he had the “street dog grin”. Such a heart warming story. It fills my heart with gratitude. Thank you to everyone who helped rescue him

    Catherine GrantCatherine Grant6 dagar sedan